2017 Strategic Action Plan

Action Plan

Goal 1: Make downtown a center of community activity, including a variety of retail businesses, activities and special events

Key responsibility: Community Development Committee

Improve the visual appeal of downtownSupport Boomtown’s beautification efforts by providing Borough equipment and labor as needed

Improve and beautify Borough-owned properties and infrastructure downtown

Create programs and incentives to encourage and acknowledge beautification efforts by downtown tenants and property owners, coordinating with Boomtown and other community efforts

Seek funding for micro-loans, façade improvements, sidewalk repairs and other programs to support beautification efforts

Hold more special events to attract visitors to downtown.

Support efforts of community groups such as Boomtown and ReInvision Huntingdon by providing Borough equipment, labor and police

Advocate for downtown business development with Huntingdon County Chamber, Huntingdon County Business & Industry, county government and other organizations

Promote empty buildings as potential business sites

Consider a designated Borough representative to the Chamber, HCBI and other organizations

Create a ‘welcome packet’ of information about downtown Huntingdon for potential businesses

Actively participate in recognizing new businesses with ribbon-cuttings, news articles, Council proclamations, etc.

Collaborate with Juniata College and the Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership to create downtown opportunities

Consider becoming a Main Street Community.

Work with the Huntingdon County Planning Office to explore opportunities and eligibility for the Main Street program.

Identify challenges such as sustainability and funding, and develop strategies to address them.

Goal 2: Improve property maintenance, especially for residential properties

Key responsibility: Public Safety Committee

Address code enforcement issues on private properties

Enforce existing ordinances. Set a goal for the number of properties to bring into compliance each year.

Maintain and update existing inventory of non-complying properties

Seek funding to offer financial incentives for property improvements

Consider revising ordinances to create stronger penalties for non-compliance and to address blighted properties

Publicly acknowledge improvements to properties

Address internal and external maintenance issues on residential rental properties through a rental licensing and inspection program

Create and maintain a list of landlords who offer properties for rent in the Borough

Work with Juniata College to identify issues with off-campus student housing

Adopt and implement a rental licensing and inspection program that is self-funded through license fees

Goal 3: Provide opportunities to improve health and wellness for residents and visitors to the Borough

Key responsibility: Parks and Recreation Committee

Provide more Borough-sponsored recreational activities and opportunities

Empower Recreation Commission to recommend recreational programs and activities desired by the community

Implement new recreational programs and activities

Where possible, increase accessibility to parks and playgrounds for all citizens

Identify funding strategies to improve parks

Increase opportunities for walking and bicycling throughout Huntingdon Borough

Improve bicycle safety on Borough streets with bike lanes, signs, road markings or other strategies

Identify and implement safe bike route between downtown Huntingdon and Juniata College

Consider development of additional trails within Huntingdon, or that connect Huntingdon with regional trails 

Goal 4: Improve public infrastructure through coordinated planning

Key responsibility: Borough Council

Where possible, develop a coordinated plan for infrastructure improvements that addresses water, sewer, stormwater, street repair and repaving, curbs and sidewalks, bicycle and pedestrian routes, street lighting, trees and other infrastructure.

Identify specific blocks or areas of the Borough where significant improvements (water, sewer, streets) are required

Use Council committees to identify needs within the targeted areas

Work with others such as Walk Huntingdon to coordinate the addition of community amenities to the targeted areas

Develop a five-year capital improvements plan addressing all major public infrastructure

Create an inventory of all Borough-owned infrastructure and a projected schedule of repairs or replacement

Create a 5-year plan of priority projects and identify funding for each project

Update the plan annually