Huntingdon Borough Current Projects & Traffic

Projects in progress –
1. 7th & Penn Street Muddy Run Culvert Replacement (PennDOT)
2. 4th Street Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) Project (Borough)
3. 9th & Moore Street Muddy Run Culvert Replacement (PennDOT)

Roads currently closed –
1. Penn Street 6th to 7th
2. 4th Street from the Pennsylvania Avenue to Penn Street and Mifflin Street to Church Street
3. Local traffic only on Allegheny Street 300 & 400 blocks

Project status –
7th & Penn Street, Muddy Run Culvert
2. Peripheral work has begun with the traffic control signal work at 8th & Penn Street
3. May 2nd, 7th Street will close below Washington but will allow access to the Borough parking lots
4. From May 2nd to June 7th, HRI will be working 24 hours a day 6 days a week and must have the job completely done by June 7th
5. 8th & Penn Street will remain open and allow traffic during this time
6. On June 7th, Penn Street will be open completely

4th Street CSO –
1. This project involves replacing water lines, sewer lines and storm water lines
2. The new water line is complete from Allegheny to Penn, Washington to Mifflin & Mifflin to Church
3. Sewer & Storm lines are almost complete from Allegheny to Penn
4. This project should be North of Washington Street by June 7th, and all of Penn Street will be open

9th & Moore Street Muddy Run –
1. Slated to start June 7th and be completed by the first week of September. Moore Street will be closed at 9th Street during this project.