Project status and traffic information March 26, 2021

Friday March 26:

Continue manhole replacement intersection 4th and Allegheny.

Monday March 29:

   Crew One (HRI): Finish up the 4th and Allegheny intersection tear down and remove live pumps and piping along Allegheny.  Parking on Allegheny between 4th and 5th to re-open. 

  Crew Two (HRI): Continue water main line on 4th between Washington and Penn Street.  Upon completing this block, most likely in the afternoon will move back up 4th between Washington and Mifflin to begin service line change overs to the new water main line.

Tuesday March 30:

   Crew One (HRI):  Move into the 4th and Penn Street intersection STREET CLOSED PENN 3rd to 5th, will OPEN the 4th and Allegheny Street intersection for THRU TRAFFIC ONLY between 2nd and 6th Streets.  4th street Bridge will remain closed per the PENN DOT PERMIT.  ALL utilities will be completed before moving out of the 4th and Penn Intersection allowing the road to be re-opened estimate time closed one month.

 Crew Two (HRI):  Finish remaining service line change overs on 4th between Washington and Mifflin streets.

  Crew Three (concrete):  Tentative start on curb and sidewalk restoration starting on the corners 4th and Allegheny Street noting that they will not need to close this intersection while they work up 4th toward Penn Street behind the utility crew one.

 *Note that Penn Street between 3rd and 4th is scheduled for water SHUT OFF for new valve installation on Tuesday March 30 sometime mid-morning for a few hours.  We will be posting door to door notices on Friday March 26.*   Washington Street and 4th will NOT be closed while work is being completed at the Penn Street intersection, this is why we went ahead and ran the water main line down to Penn Street ahead of crew one.