Borough Manager

John C. Stevens

Office Hours

Monday- Friday 8:00am- 4:30pm


The Borough Code of Huntingdon authorizes Council to appoint a Borough Manager that serves at the pleasure of council. The manager’s duties are specified by ordinance. The manager shall supervise and be responsible for the activities of all municipal departments except the police department. This includes the water department, wastewater treatment plant, maintenance department, administrative offices, and grants administrator. The manager along with the administrative committee of council shall have the authority to hire, fire, demote, suspend, or transfer, borough personnel as deemed necessary. The manager is charged with the duty of preparing and submitting to council a budget for each year explaining the revenues and expenses necessary for the efficient operation of the borough. It is the manager’s responsibility to administer the budgets after their approval by Borough Council. Additionally, the manager is responsible for setting the meeting agendas and reporting on a regular basis not only the condition of the borough’s finance but on any other issues as requested by Council. The manager is also responsible for recommending long range plans and goals for the Borough. Ultimately the manager is responsible for carrying out the wishes of the elected representatives of the people of Huntingdon.