Street Maintenance

Street sweeping is not the only maintenance done. These designated NO Parking days give Huntingdon Borough Maintenance Department opportunity to paint curbs, handle utility maintenance, etc.

Signs read:
in the Borough 7:00 AM to Noon or
in some downtown shopping areas 5:00 AM-8:00 AM

MONDAY-Moore Street, Penn Street, Shadyside Avenue, Murray Avenue, Holland Avenue and Brumbaugh Avenue
TUESDAY-Mifflin Street, Warm Springs Avenue, Onedia Street and Scott Street
WEDNESDAY-Allegheny Street, Washington Street and Church Street
THURSDAY-2nd Street up to and including 10th Street, Standing Stone Avenue, Reynolds Avenue, Africa Street, and Portland Avenue
Friday-11th Street up to and including 19th Street, 23rd Street, 24th Street, 25th Street, College Avenue and Sharon Heights

Municipal Lots

No Parking in parking lots without a parking permit, from Midnight-7:00 AM on any day.
Parking permits can be purchased at the Police Department, 530 Washington Street, Huntingdon, 814-643-3960.

Parking Enforced Year-Round

Please move your car on the appropriate days.
Fines starting at $25.00. In some cases towing will be your cost. Thank you for your cooperation.