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We want to keep you informed about our Combined Sewer Overflows (CSOs).  Huntingdon is one of more than 200 PA communities with CSOs.  Since the mid-1960s, street runoff has been combined with sanitary sewage for treatment at our wastewater treatment plant.  If rainfall exceeds about 1/2 inch, the volume of the combined sewage can exceed the carrying capacity of intercepting sewers and the treatment facilities.  When that happens, less than 15% of the combined sewage can be discharged to the river.  The PA Department of Environmental Protection allows this procedure to occur as long as there are no adverse environmental or health consequences.

There are six points where combined sewage can be discharged: Stone Creek at the river, 4th and Allegheny, 5th and Allegheny, 7th and Penn, 14th and Susquehanna and 16th and Oneida.  Each of the overflow points is clearly marked and the public is urged to avoid swimming or recreational activities at the overflow points during and immediately after a significant rainfall event.  More information can be obtained by contacting the Borough Sewer Department at 643-5123.

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