Huntingdon Borough Recycling Program

Huntingdon Borough Recycling Program

     On November 1st 2021 Huntingdon Borough employees will assume all recycling duties. Residential recycling pickup will be done according to the street maintenance/sweeping days and will be weekly. Items to be picked up will be:

Aluminum cans

Tin cans

#1 plastic bottles

#2 plastic bottles




  • All cans and bottles must be rinsed out (No caps on bottles)
  • cardboard, newspaper & magazines must be tied up
  • No shredded paper, no garbage, no plastic bags and no foil
  • All items must be separated

Yard waste collection guidelines

     Yard waste will be picked up on the street maintenance/sweeping days also and leaves and grass clippings must be in biodegradable bags or during the fall raked or blown to the curb for the leaf vacuum truck. Brush no thicker than 4 inches tied with biodegradable twine, branches also must be cut to 4 feet or less in length and tied with biodegradable twine.

     During the fall of 2021 the yard waste facility on Ice Plant Road will be open from 7:30 AM to 2:30 PM Monday through Friday and 7 AM to noon on Saturdays. Hours for Spring and Summer will be determined later.

     Huntingdon Borough residents may use the yard waste drop off, non-resident and contractors must obtain a permit at the Borough office to be eligible to use the yard waste dump. No root balls, trash, tree trunks or branches larger than 4 inch diameter or 4 foot in length are permitted. Anyone violating these rules is subject to a fine.