Towing of Illegally Parked Vehicles

Towing for Private Property Parking Violation

Managing and enforcing parking regulations in the Huntingdon Borough is a continuous process. Parking violations commonly occur on both public and private property. While the Borough police and parking enforcement officers enforce parking violations on any public right-of-way, property owners are responsible for taking action against persons parking on private property.

Here are general guidelines for various parking violations:

  1. If a vehicle is parked on the street blocking a resident’s driveway, contact the police department who will take appropriate action.
  2. If a vehicle is parked on any part of the public sidewalk adjacent to a private property, contact the police department who will take.
  3. If a vehicle is parked totally on the property of a private residence such as in the driveway or parked in the lawn, the property owner is responsible for contacting a towing agency to have the vehicle removed.

NOTE: Parking signs are NOT required to have illegally parked vehicles towed in any of the three (3) scenarios described above.

There is one exception to #3 above. For private commercial properties that have on-site parking by permit or for a fee, the lot must be adequately signed as prescribed in the Borough’s Public and Private Property Towing ordinance for the vehicle to be towed.