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The billing cycles is as follows:
Billing Cycle – Bills mailed the next to last business day of the month.

Mailed              Due             Service Period
Dec.                 Jan 15            Nov. thru Dec.
Jan.                 Feb 15            Dec. thru Jan.
Feb.                 Mar 15           Jan. thru Feb.
Mar.                April 15          Feb. thru Mar.
April               May 15           Mar. thru April
May                June 15           April thru May
June                July 15            May thru June
July                Aug. 15            June thru July
Aug.               Sept. 15           July thru Aug.
Sept.              Oct. 15             Aug. thru Sept.
Oct.                Nov. 15            Oct. thru Nov.
Nov.               Dec. 15            Nov. thru Dec.